Unlimited Credit Card Processing for a Single Flat Fee

Avoid high credit card processing fees! Pay a fixed, monthly fee for unlimited credit card processing

Introducing Cash Discount Processing Program “Unlimited Credit Card Processing for a Single Flat Fee!”

What is the Cash Discount Processing Program?
Discount for Cash is our special program that gives you unlimited processing for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the size of the transaction amount, a non-cash price adjustment is passed through to the customer on all card transactions. The amount collected is used to cover processing and interchange cost allowing merchant to save nearly all the money they are currently paying in fees.

The program was created to meet the challenges merchants face when accepting credit cards. Oftentimes, merchants pay out a significant amount of their revenues due to fees associated with credit and debit card processing. Until recently, most merchants were required to bear the cost of these transactions and were not allowed to pass along costs to customers. Due to changes in card network rules, merchants now have the option of charging a different price for cash versus card transactions, and Payzone Systems has the technology that enables merchants to make that choice.

How Does It Work?
The Discount for Cash program allows unlimited processing volume for a single flat monthly fee. The merchant is provided with signage that informs the consumer that “All posted and advertised prices are already at the Cash Discounted Price”. Consumers paying with cash obtain that posted discount. For transactions where consumers choose to pay with cards, the difference between the cash price and the credit price is used to pay card fees. “THE NON-CASH PRICE.”

  • Merchants currently pay a price adjustment every time a customer pays with a debit or credit card​
  • With the Discount for Cash program a standard operating fee based on the purchase amount is assessed to the merchant’s customer on all transactions.​
  • A DISCOUNT is given to all customers who pay in cash​
  • The fee collected, from the merchant’s customers, is nominal and is used to cover ALL costs associated with each transaction including interchange, dues and assessments​​

  • In order to take advantage of the MASSIVE SAVINGS afforded to you by our FLAT RATE PROCESSING PROGRAM merchants must use an approved device.

    Countertop Terminal
    We have partnered with premier terminal manufacturers to provide a comprehensive terminal solution. Terminals are EMV capable.

    Virtual Terminal
    No physical hardware required, Process from any Internet ready device, easily add peripherals like, MagTek® swiper

    Accept payments on the go, peripherals are available for mobile phone and tablet.

    What Can You Do?
    Take control of your profits through our Discount for Cash Program! We charge a flat monthly fee of $35 for ALL cost associated with taking a credit or debit card from your customers. Your terminal or online virtual terminal is proprietary and a needed part for this program. The customer is charged a nominal fee at the point of sale for using their card. By reversing the cost of fees associated with acceptance of credit or debit cards through our program, you can save more than 95% in total fees that you previously paid to other processing programs.